film favorites

this is an archive of my honarable film mentions


sitcoms (fav genre)

the office: number one on this list goes to the office. does anybody else have that show that they turn on just to kill the silence? this has been that show for me for years. after spending a year or two watching the seasons over and over again, putting the episodes on feels like home. it’s not too dark, not too light, it’s perfect. the humor is dry, witty, something you can quote in almost any situation. don’t limit yourself either, the UK version is just as amazing

community: i have a bit of bias when it comes to this show. i found it when i was a huge fan of donald glover as a musician, so a lot of the outlandish writing didn’t really phase me at all. the head writer, dan harmon, left the show in season 4, and the show tanked for a season, then came back to finish out. despite all the heat he got, pierce (chevy chase), is my favorite character from the show. maybe it’s the michael scott vibes he gives me

trailer park boys: i mean, come on

friends: this is a forever favorite. i grew up on friends, and while it's constantly under scrutany for being corny, i think it's the perfect amount. i get the same feelings as i do from the office, it's not too much and not too little. that balance means a lot to me when it comes to sitcoms

the big bang theory: i think this show is really popular because it lets viewers feel a lot smarter than they actually are for 30 minutes

my love for sitcoms originated with* these disney sitcoms: the suite life of zack and cody, austin & ally, wizards of waverly place, sonny with a chance, shake it up, cory in the house, jessie, hannah montana, lizzy mcguire, fish hooks, how to rock, the proud family

*not mentioned, still important: the golden girls, roseanne, three's company, will & grace, the nanny, malcolm in the middle, everybody hates chris, everybody loves raymond, frasier, reba, the cosby show, the brady bunch, ellen, full house, happy days, saved by the bell, home improvement, newhart, the golden palace, family matters, boy meets world, that 70s show, m*a*s*h, the fresh prince of bel-air

animated sitcoms

bojack horseman: i’m not sure quite why, but i have a deep connection to this show. one reason i can identify is that i found this show at a time in my life where i was first understanding how intricate the world and the relationships within it are. i think watching an animated cast go through those tragedies makes you feel safe. it normalizes depression, addiction, and betrayal in a comforting way

archer: i was originally hooked because of voice actor h. jon benjamin who is the main voice actor in bob's burgers, as well. this animated series is action-filled and raunchy. what's not to like?

f is for family: i think knowing bill burr's comedy background (creator of the show) really helps in understanding the mindset of this show, and vice versa. they correspond in so many ways, bill burr is an old-school man's man

futurama: the original rick and morty

king of the hill: the original f is for family

lucas bros moving co: this series is based around the famous comedic duo, keith and kenny lucas. this is another show i love because of it's intertwine with hip-hop culture. the lucas bros reference so much in that aspect, it's worth taking a look at just for that reason

stand up

chris d'elia: d'elia facinates me because while he's a very recognizable comedian and actor, he does a lot of work with upcoming youtubers and celebrities that i think really lets him connect to a younger crowd. he also runs his own podcast, congratulations, which i think is the perfect platform for his comedy

bill burr: when someone first put a bill burr comedy special on tv, i ran into the living room because i recognized his voice as the character frank murphy from the netlflix show, f is for family. i, then, learned that he and michael price (the simpsons) had created the entire show, and i fell in love. he might remind you of your dad

louis c.k.: aside from controversy, i really, really enjoy louis c.k.. his comedy didn't age very well, but before the curtain was drawn, his comedy was my favorite of all

donald glover: if you read the community info., you know i have a bias when it comes to donald glover, or childish gambino. i think he's an incredible artist. acting, comedy, music, you can't say he didn't step outside the box and push the boundaries of each. his comedy is particularly interesting to me, though, because it gives you a lot of insight to his real, goofy personality. obviously if you know of him, you would know he's a goofy person; comedy really helps him shine

dave chapelle: i don't have much to say here. dave chapelle is classic and everyone knows

hannibal buress: i've always been an interview finatic, so when i found the eric andre show, i was hooked. i had never seen interviews in a different format, and that was so fascinating to me. hannibal buress and eric andre played such a beautiful network duo that i was instantly infatuated with him!

cool resources

script-o-rama: a simple site for scripts/transcripts

bond movies: a goldmine for all obsessed with James Bond movies

dvd talk: an active forum for all discussions "case and cover"

razzies: like academy awards, but for the worst movies movie soundtrack info

cartoon research: the history of the world's most famous animators

movie mistakes: film-set/writing fuck-ups teachers guide: a definitive guide to filmmaking. all major movie-making categories are dissected

vfx hq: a comprehensive site on visual effects

scriptware: a word-processing program for scriptwriters used by universal, carsey-werner, warner brothers, & paramount what was that movie called again?

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